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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  September 30, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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viral. his note said you do not need to send this to me but please be more careful. i'm your boss. >> what we were seeing was a body part. >> have a great day. see you back here on the coach tomorrow. bill: a fox news alert getting reports minutes ago that russia launched airstrikes in syria, demanding u.s. planes get out of air space. these fast-moving developments complicate relations between president obama and bashar al-assad with syria in the middle. patti ann: i'm patti ann browne in for martha maccallum. u.s. officials say american war
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jets will not comply with russia's request. this coming after president obama's frosty meeting with vladimir putin at the united nations. >> reporter: here what else we know. this is a dramatic escalation in the tension between russia and the united states and could be a game changer in syria. multiple u.s. defense officials say the was a russian three-star general from the intelligence cell established by russia and baghdad who delivered the american attache that russian airstrikes would begin soon. according to the transcript of the verbal exchange. the russian general requested u.s. planes not fly in northern syria because russian jets were
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beginning airstrikes. he said if you have forces in the area we request they leave. and he even used the word please. but there was a heated exchange described when the russian general demanded u.s. planes leave syria. we have herd the first russian strikes have begun in homs. a senior u.s. defense official tells me u.s. warplanes will not comply with the temperature russians. u.s. warplanes continue carrying out strike missions in northern syria. quote, there is nothing to indicate we are changing actions over syria. the russi actions have made the work of the u.s. military much more difficult. a seen oriole official says this
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reinforces the need for good of relations between the u.s. and russia. bill: let's be clear where they are hitting. it's near damascus, is isis in this town or others who defy assad. >> p. >> reporter: this is not where isis is located. so they are hitting what we know is basically the home to the free syrian army. it's not clear. we are told by pentagon sources that nun of th -- that none of . trained military are in that area. but there are no isis targets in homs. bill: did putin tell president
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obama this will happen when they met earlier in the weeker. >> not? the. >> reporter: clearly not. the officials who woke up with this news this morning were caught unawares. the message was delivered by this three-star general in baghdad. bill: this latest international conflict making its way into the presidential campaign. donald trump talking about president obama's dealing with putin, this after the meeting this week at the u.n. here is trump with o'reilly last night. >> i think in terms of leadership he's getting an "a" and the president is not doing so well. they did not look good together. bill: what do you think trump is up to in the middle east. what is he up to? >> we spent $2 trillion,
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thousands of lives temperature, and putin is taking over what we started. and he's going into cyril yeah and he frankly wants to fight isis and i think that's a wonderful thing. bill: once you continue fights isis on behalf of assad, putin owns syria, he owns it, he will never get out. >> fine, do you want to run syria or own syria? bill: how you doing steven, how do you think voters react to that response from donald trump? view thertrump? >> there are probably a lot of voters who agree with trump. the problem here is sort of why trump is making these decisions. as he said in that interview. he said, he was against the
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initial attack in iraq. the president obama was also against that. the problem you get into is a lot of the obama's decision making appears to be a reaction to he didn't agree with president obama's leadership, and he doesn't agree with obama's leadership. you run a risk at some points of developing your strategy based on disliking the previous guy rather than evaluating who's there and who you want to help. as your reporter said. the problem with leaving a virginia vacuum is those forces you do support, you could leave them high and dry if you leave syria to putin. bill: so the following question is clear from o'reilly. >> when the u.s. leaves -- donald trump is all about leadership, when to show leadership and when not to. president obama learned after
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iraq that a u.s. vacuum does leave the areas to other people. and u.s. interests are almost never served in that case. as the reporter just described a specific instance of that where free sirrian rebel troops are apparently being attacked by putin rather than the isis forces we thought he might attack. bill: the poll i positions of donald trump are well thought out. but the reactions you get in interviews seem to be more emotional. how do you square the two? >> that's going to be the challenge with trump. he got into his tax plan. the tax plan trump laid out earlier this week said he will undo a lot of the deductions and the loopholes and the wealthy and middle class can claim. but when pressed on that he only came up with the carried interest deduction wch that's the only loophole he would undo.
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he was asked about corporate jets and baseball tickets and he said no we are going to keep those because they are good for business. on paper he had a good plan. he stuck to that plan he might be able to balance the budget and have revenues equal out. but when you start asking him about it he says no we are not going to do that. so we are left with a lot of questions. bill: you are drawing the same comparison when he talks about syria, correct? >> absolutely. it goes back to the initial immigration policy. everything he puts on paper is well thought out and touches on all the issues. when you ask him questions like o'reilly did, he's going have to figure out whether he sticks with the policy positions or not. bill: we are waiting for more reaction on all of this today.
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patti ann: senator marco rubio is apparently not ready to let it go, attacking donald trump on "hannity." >> he's an season secure person and doesn't like to be criticized. the presidency is a stuff job and you can't flip out every time someone criticizes you. he got booed on stage. he had very few people show up to an event today. he's a very sensitive guy. that's fine, that's his problem. patti ann: the ongoing tiff between trump and rubio. rubio is flying the polls. he's now in fourth place. dr. ben carson responding to allegations of racism. here he is on the kelly file.
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>> isn't that what the leftists always do when they can't find anything else to talk about? it doesn't matter what a person's religion is if in fact they are willing to accept the american standards, american principles, american values and subjugate their beliefs to our constitution, then that's very receivable. patti ann: carson doing very well in the polls lately. bill: once you lose brady, where do you go after that. president obama blasting romney when he says russia poses the worst threat to the u.s. >> when asked the big jest gee over political threat you said russia. the cold war has been over for
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20 years. bill: fast forward, is mitt romney being proven right? our panel weighs in and debates that. patti ann: severe flooding forcing people out of their homes. bill: lawmakers grilling the helped of planned parenthood. now the issue is money for planned parenthood. >> this wasn't a reporter sticking a mike in front of your face. this was a video you produced to send out to the whole world. why do you say that. >> we may have to agree to disagree. >> i you are not answering my question.
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bill: lawmakers blasting the president of planne planned par. >> outrageous accusations leveled against planned parenthood based on heavily doctored videos are offensive and categorically untrue. >> if this was heavily edited and entrapment and untrue, why did you apologize. >> she used -- it was bad judgment to have a clinical
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discussion in a non-clinical setting. >> i think you are not answering my question. >> it seems to me the apology was like to what some criminals do. they are not really sorry for what they have done, they are sorry that they got caught. bill: jim jordan joins me. you were pushing for the apology, what was the logic you were trying for. >> you apologize when you have done something wrong. cecile richards said i apologize for the tone and statements made by some of our people in the first video. my question was if they were half live edited what statement were you apologizing for. bill: you were trying to get an
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admission, right? >> you can't say it was entrapment and then say you are sorry for the statement made by your people. she is trying to have it both ways and you can't have it both ways. you apologize when you do something wrong. bill: this is what she said last night on msnbc. >> i think the dividing line is among a group of people who believe abortion should not be legal anymore in the united states of america and they are going to do everything in their power to make that come true. there are a lot of issues in our country and they are obsessed with ending reproductive healthcare for women in america. bill: she says you are obsessed.
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>> it's the money. all we are saying is the money. politicians give your money, taxpayer money to planned parenthood who then gives it back to politicians, in the form of campaign contributions. they get reelected and they give the money back to planned parenthood. that's what we are trying to get at. stop the federal money from going to this organization. give it to organizations who weren't caught on video together things planned parenthood was doing. bill: it was the money, frankly. what is the end game, what is the strategy to cut off the money. >> we are going to offer an amendment to the rules committee and try to get it passed to the floor. this may pass with a handful of
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republican votes and the democrats will support it, actually continuing money to go to planned parenthood. we'll make sure more american people see the disgusting things going on in these clinic and make this case in a big compelling way to stop this money from going to this organization. bill: what was the most offensive thing you learned in that hearing? >> the most offensive thing is the videos. this cavalier attitude toward human life. that's what the a vast majority of americans find so repulsive and that's why they don't want their tax money going to this organization. bill: jim jordan, thank you for your time. we'll see how successful you will be or not. patti ann: a college student stabbed to death before her apartment was set on fire. bill: a chilling warning from
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the house homeland security chairman. the u.s. is now more vulnerable to isis terrorists than ever before. >> the threat is getting worse, not better. we are losing in this struggle to keep americans from the battlefield because many are still going to the region and coming back. love at first light new stay luminous makeup and for gorgeous long-wear lip color that's loaded with moisture new outlast longwear lipstick in all the colors of love from easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl now? can i at least put my shoes on? if your bladder is calling the shots... may have a medical condition called overactive bladder or oab. you've got to be kidding me. i've had enough! it's time to talk to the doctor.
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>> reporter: we have hurricane warnings in effect across the central bahamas and it's forecast to make a turn towards the north. we have a big trough across the eastern u.s. and it's responsible for a lot of heavy rain coming down across parts of the eastern u.s. the big question becomes, how close is it going to get towards the coast or how far away will it remain? we have different weather patterns that. that should help steer the storm system. flood watches are in effect out here and over the weekend we expect to see more rain regardless of the track of the storm system. we are look at 6 inches of rain in some areas.
6:26 am
that's the area that's computer models are zmoang as the area that could see the most significant rainfall. that could change, very important that everyone stays weather aware. once it takes that northward track that's when we should know more. joaquin is going intensify and potentially become a category 2 hurricane. take a look at that track. right off the coast of the mid-atlantic. in the cone of uncertainty we have the cone of the atlantic. many computer models are all over the place and they will continue to shift back and forth towards the coast, away from the coast. but we should zone in on this
6:27 am
forecast. we'll keep you updated. bill: the green were receipt kicked out of the army for defending an afghan boy who was being raped. patti ann: mitt romney was slammed during the 2012 presidential campaign for saying russia was the biggest threat.
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patti ann: we just saw romney being mocked by obama. even the "new york times" said romney's comments showed a shocking lack of knowledge about international affairs. >> romney was right. but the question is how could romney be so right and obama be so wrong with all the intelligent president hasn't cia and intelligence services. romney saw russian aggression. he saw us you have a an olive
6:33 am
branch with the reset button. you. he has no end game for anything he does. cutting and running in afghanistan and iraq was the perfect invitation for the situation we see in syria. >> i don't know where to begin with that. we got out of iraq in the last administration on putin's timeline. putin and obama have a similar interest going after isis. russia is work was as we are with them. and romney was wrong. thanks to a diplomatic relationship with iran who is also on our side against isis. things are better in that sector than they were before obama took office. patti ann: you are saying the u.s. is working with russia. but as we have been reporting, russia launched airstrikes in
6:34 am
syria and demanded u.s. planes get out of syrian air space. >> i don't know that we know everything that took place between russia and the united states. maybe there was an agreement. as we just showed a few minute ago, we are not sure what russia's targets are. it was reported that isis is not in the target they are attacking. i don't know that we'll know everything yet that we'll eventually know about this maneuver. patti ann: do these highlights seem to show that our foreign polly objectives are different from putin's? >> putin's end games not to get rid of isis for the good of humanity. his end gape is to prop up an ally of russia. al-assad. he wants him in power. and that's what's going to happen.
6:35 am
they will drive isis out and russia will take a strong foothold in syria and they are never going to leave. with iran, appeasement never works. this agreement isn't worth the paper it's written on. >> this isn't appeasement. >> they get a bomb in 10 years. >> kofi annan, a special ambassador, sadly he resigned. the administration went too aggressively to talk about removing assad. but the u.n. should handle this. we shouldn't be involved in other country's civil wars. we can't be involved in removing assad. putin knows assad doesn't even control other than 25% of syria and soon will control all of
6:36 am
syria. patti ann: romney wrote in the "wall street journal" there will be was a juncture when america had the potential to influence events. but we failed to act. that moment having passed we are left without acceptable options. >> our president created a vacuum and putin is taking advantage of that by coming in and telling the world that they are now coming in, kicking america out. they are going to take a foothold. the end game is to get rid of isis for sure. where do they go? they go to other countries. russia will say all right. we secure them here, now, you secure them somewhere else. are they going to come into iraq or other places? >> you are ignoring this started base we went to the middle east in the first place to go into iraq that led to the rise of isis and to ignore that is to
6:37 am
totally discount everything that's happening right now. bill: another fox news alert. another significant move. a counter attack against the taliban is collapsing. afghan forces trying to take a strategic town. militants seized that city monday. it's the first city taken by the taliban since the u.s. invasion 14 years ago. what's the latest today? >> reporter: the taliban not only tightening their grip over kunduz city but expanding the territory under their control. the afghan military controls the key airport but a lot of government buildings are under control of the taliban. the counter offensive launched yesterday, at least 24 hours in has not made much of a dent. it is backed bit s. airstrike and the afghan government is
6:38 am
sending troops to bolster the force. but the strong powerful afghan security force that are highly valued are in the east and southern part of the country, not in the northern part where kunduz are. there is a lot of local militia and corruption in terms of the military. so to bring in an outside force will take some time. it's unlikely they will public them out of kunduz in the near term. >> we are seeing these air strikes, nato and the international, u.s. particularly are launching airstrikes supporting the after the began troops. but the larger role is training the afghan security forces. the afghan troops are supposed to be training the afghan security forces but i have been told they aren't down in the ground in the lower level with the companies. they are at the headquarters
6:39 am
doing logistical oversight. so what you have is this vacuum where there are u.s. soldiers in afghanistan. but they aren't doing the job day in and day out that needs to be done which is training the afghan soldiers, making sure they are prepared and equipped to take on the taliban field. until that happens you will see airstrikes are on so effective unless you have a credible ground force and right now afghanistan doesn't have that, bill. patti ann: days after pope francis left the u.s., a lawyer for the kentucky clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses claims kim davis met with the pope while he was here. >> we have to show how we can stop these folks. they are not joining isis to go
6:40 am
and die for isis. they are joining to fight for isis. we have to make it clear that you will die if you join isis. does it make the short list? yeah, i'm afraid so. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. knowing our clients personally is why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. ♪ nothing artificial. just real roasted turkey. salt. pepper. carved thick. that's the right way to make a good turkey sandwich. the right way to eat it? is however you eat it. panera. food as it should be.
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or visit patti ann: kip davis says she met with the pope and he told her to stay strong. she says the private meeting took place in washington at the vatican embassy. after spending six days in jail, she allows marriage licenses for same-sex couples but only with her name removed. pope francis said con chengs objection is a right. bill: a disturbing warning from the homeland security chairman in the house. a new report find the u.s. is doing little to stop the flow of
6:44 am
foreign fighters. >> in my judgment the threat to the home landlord has never been greater. the threat is getting worse, not better. we are losing in the struggle to keep americans from the battlefield because many are still going to the region and coming back. i think most importantly that we lack a national strategy to deal with this problem. bill: does this surprise you? >> chairman mcauliffe knows his stuff. this doesn't surprise me. when you have a group like isis gaining territory, that's having success and the best thing you can say about the fight against isis is we are at a stalemate, they will be able to recruit. what you have and what's drawing people in, it's not the idea -- most foreign fighters don't go
6:45 am
over there to die for jihad. they see something they want to be part of. a jihad that looks fun. they get to shoot guns and hang out with the guys and pillage, it's when they get over there and become radicalized that they become willing to die. we need to show seriously we are rolling back the gains of isis and we have to be brutally honest about way it's like to be killed by us. at the end of the day these people need to know violence will be brought upon them if they do that. bill: a year ago 1,500 fighters. now 30,000 fighters in iraq and syria.
6:46 am
>> why is president obama not telling the american people what the problem is. we see isis expanding, we see al-assad brutalize his population. iit takes presidential leadershp and unfortunately i don't think president obama either sees the threat this poses or is ready to move. >> just take it from our perspective. how do you recent more americans from joining. you know they have the passport to come back. >> we give law enforcement the tools we have here. in the longrun we have larger defeats to isis. when al qaeda was being rolled back, you didn't see foreign fighters leaving the united states in large droves to go fight.
6:47 am
we push back success of isis. we have to show the brutality isis visited upon populations, that this isn't a fun type to hang out with a bunch of dudes. this is a serious problem where they are raping, murdering, killing women and men. there is no god in the world no matter what religion you are. bill: you hear donald trump talk that way. are you okay with that? >> donald trump does not know what he's talking about in foreign policy. he's throwing out sound bites that sound good but he's one layer deep. it's dangerous to say we ought to let the russians take over the middle east. they haven't had a role there since the end of the cold war. we are finding out putin may not even be bombing isis. he may be bombing the doctors,
6:48 am
lawyers and pharmacists standing up against the brutality of bashar al-assad. this is in no way good news. i hope people go beyond they are going to bomb isis. it's devastating. as a republican it shocks me to see republicans say that. bill: ways the motivation of putin today given the breaking news from overnight. >> vladimir putin is trying to rebuild the voaf yet empire as best he can. now their military presence in the middle east and being able from that to observe influence on saudi arain, iraq, iran and everywhere else. he is filling the vacuum we have left. it's imperative for the president to push back on this. bill: we'll see whether the
6:49 am
airstrikes continue. the pentagon says they will in syria which means we are telling putin, forget about it. >> it will be an interesting thing to watch. but this president has to push back. we may find out putin is bombing people whose sons and daughters were killed by bashar al-assad. bill: it appears that's happening according to the pentagon. patti ann: he was kicked out of the army tore taking a stand when a young boy was being abiewlsed by an afghan commander. now this green berks ret is -- s green beret is speaking out say weighing did was right. bill: a plane's ring scraping the runway during landing. perfect car.
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bill: this photo shows an express jet wing hitting the runway. the plane has been removed from service and it's being inspected. no one injured. that's a moment. patti ann: tomorrow marks the dead lines for shoppers and retailers to switch to chip-enabled credit cards. but not card holders and businesses are repaired for the switch. we want to be here, it's not
6:54 am
consumers who would be left holding the bag if a merchant is not able to process a chip card if there is fraud. >> this is about shifting blame. you probably know your credit card company was the one responsible. the credit card company is trying to shift that on to the merchant. they are saying the her channel must have in place these readers. the chip card is safe were than the one with the strip on the back. they are saying if you don't have that reader by today, then they are responsible. not everybody has received the new card and a lot of banks and credit card company are the saying you don't get it until the end of the year. when you walk into the deli and supermarket they are supposed to have the readers in place by this week. it's about cost it's about who's going to bear the burden of the fraud when it happens and this
6:55 am
is about buying new readers. the merchant is going to pass that cost on to you. they will embed it into the cost of the products they are selling you. it doesn't adrelts bigger problems. i shop online. so whether my card has a chip in it has little relevance on whether my information gets stolen. and it don't address the problem we saw at home depot where people broke into their system. there was -- it was a data breach. patti ann: this is starting tomorrow, and for american express october 16. >> get alerts from the credit card company when it tells you what's going on in your email. it may be annoying. it reminds you how much you spent. but it tells you what's going on.
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bill: new crisis tbliewght east in pitting the -- a new crisis going on in the middle east. russia telling the united states to get out of syria. the president of planned parenthood balancing for $500 million in federal funding. jason chaffetz is here to respond today. >> i pulled those number ofs out of your reports. >> the source is americans for life which is an anti-abortion group. i would check your source.
6:57 am
♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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iflike i love shrimp, come to red lobster's endless shrimp... ...for as much as you want, any way you want it... sweet, buttery, and creamy. like new pineapple habanero coconut shrimp bites... ...and teriyaki grilled shrimp. and yeah, it's endless, but it won't last forever. bill: this morning russian bombs are falling in syria. moscow claiming they are targeting isis. pentagon sources telling jennifer griffin that is not true. new hour of
7:00 am
"america's newsroom." a new cold war brewing. i'm bill hemmer. welcome back here. how are you doing, patti ann? patti ann: i'm great, bill. i'm patti ann browne in for martha maccallum. this comes hours after russian leaders told american warplanes to leave syrian airspace. the pentagon said that is not going to happen and coalition missions continue. bill: lieutenant colonel ralph peters, fox news analyst. good morning to you. there is a lot to go through here. putin tell us to get out. what will we do? >> for now we will continue to fly, make no mistake, putin thinks obama is so weak i believe putin would not be reluctant to shoot down a u.s. drone as warning and bring down a u.s. manned aircraft knowing obama would not respond militarily. all an accident. misunderstanding. need to deconflict, get out of the airspace. putin is on a roll. by the way, bill he is not hitting islamic state.
7:01 am
that is his line. he is hitting the opposition in between the islamic state and assad's government. it is transparent. i want to wipe out all of the opposition to assad except islamic state. leaving with us a stark choice. leaving the world with a stark choice. support assad or support islamic state. this guy is good. we've got a pixie dust president who still thinks he can say something three times and make it come true. bill: extraordinary to watch him on "60 minutes." he said basically what we've been saying for 15 years. fight them over there so we don't fight them over here. >> putin is master of propraganda. brilliant turning a situation on his head. he is going into syria to rescue the world, save the world from isis. by the way, remember under international law, vladmir putin, despicable though he is, has a ther case for being there than we do because the assad government is last syrian
7:02 am
government seated at united nations. it invited putin in. we weren't invited in. putin is working all this stuff. it is important, despite all the nonsense from the white house and "baghdad bob" behavior on part of josh earnest. putin's goals are absolutely transparent. first he wants to support assad. that is tactical goal. second he intends to do as much mischief as possible while obama still in office and unable to act or unwilling to act. so he present the next potentially stronger u.s. president with a fait accompli on the ground. with a situation that is irreversible. third and long term, he is building an alliance in the middle east with iran, iraq, and syria, to keep us out. he is betting on the shia muslims against the sunnis. he is erecting a wall of shia-dominated states, anti-u.s., pro-russian. we're still looking attain any bits and pieces.
7:03 am
oh, syria, oh, iraq. it is all one big mess. thank you, mr. president. bill: here from 2012, then president medvedev, on a hot mic with president obama. >> after my election i have more flexibility. bill: how do we view that now? that was about missile defense by the way? >> it was always about, oeama putting more faith in medvedev and vladmir putin than he put in the american people. think about it, he was telling the russians, i've got to deceive the american people through the election but then i will be able to cooperate with you more fully. i mean, bill, what is troubling to me, among many things, what is deeply troubling, listening to the u.n. speech on monday and everything obama and the administration said since. in almost seven years this president has not learned that words don't stop bullets. he is fundamentally out of touch
7:04 am
with human reality, with reality of history, with reality of warfare and vladmir putin, ruthless and vicious and ugly though he is, has his pulse on the, he is the one that is on side of history now, not us. we're clinging to 20th century platitudes and putin is changing the world, changing the world as we do nothing. bill: help me understand, if putin is successful, if he succeeds at his game now, how do things change? >> it changes that russia is back. that is russia that's is putin's playing card, a card with the russian people. obama keeps talking about the shape of the russian economy. russians expect life to suck. they expect pensions to be frozen but they're proud that putin re-established russia has at least illusion of a great you toker. he is now expanding abroad. russia will have the first real presence in the middle east in four decades. and so, russian people are
7:05 am
behind this guy. and we in denial. we keep saying russian economy is weak. don't worry about it. that doesn't matter. what matters is that putin is a man of action. and, god help us, our president is a deer caught in the headlights of history. bill: we'll see what happens from the white house. we'll get reaction in a moment. you say airstrikes will not stop on behalf of the u.s. and arab coalition. colonel, we'll see if that is the case. colonel ralph peters in washington analyzing details of breaking news story. patti ann has more. patti ann: the obama administration tells fox news that those missions will not stop every iraq and syria, even as russia requests american planes not be in the airspace as they do their bombing runs. how is the white house, peter? >> reporter: patti ann, the white house declared they will
7:06 am
not listen to putin. they are not going to stop flying over the sides of syria, they are not going to clear out. just last hour we get word from u.s. administration official, state department spokesman john kirby, he says the u.s.-led counter isil coalition will continue to fly missions over iraq and syria as planned, in support of our international mission to degrade and destroy isil. the white house is also revealing something we previously had not heard. russians told us they would start flying anti-isis missions. which is consistent with what the newswires crossing this morning reported about putin saying he wants to help president assad flush out isis. that is not consistent with what our pentagon team is being told where these russian strikes are happening. they are apparently targeting places in homs and hamas, where assad's opposition lives, free syrian army not where isis
7:07 am
lives. patti ann: interesting. peter how did russians get word to the united states they wanted them to stop flying over syria? >> a russian three-star general walked right into the u.s. embassy in baghdad. the way our colleague jennifer griffin has been told by the folks at the pentagon, this all went down, the general spoke in person to the u.s. defense attache who was there. he delivered an official verbal request. the big ask was for u.s. warplanes to get out of the way and stay out of northern syria, and tacked on to that, request for any american forces in northern syria to leave. sources in the middle east are telling us this conversation was heated, even though the pentagon transcript apparently does not reveal much about the emotions in the room there in iraq. even though this request is aabrasive and it has huge implications, we are told at one point the general said, please. patti ann. patti ann: peter doocey, live at the white house. thank you. republican presidential candidates are speaking out
7:08 am
about the escalating crisis in syria with russian forces now in the mix. new jersey governor chris christie on "fox & friends" this morning. >> i don't know about all of you but i watched interview of vladmir putin this weekend. i said, listen this, guy is articulate, smart, thug. and the fact is he is not going to be an easy adversary for us to deal with. we're certainly ill quipped, by having president and anybody else who thinks we should allow russia take on isis and take a back seat has a fundamental misunderstanding of american foreign interests. patti ann: certainly interesting what peter doocy had to say about the russian communication with the u.s. on this. bill: josh ernest briefs at 12:30. update when they come. up the hill from the white house to the floor of the senate. they are voting on funding in the federal government, if it passes, government would get money to fund itself through
7:09 am
december 11th there abouts. mid-december we're watching that vote now. simple majority needed for passage. stay tuned for the outcome minutes away. patti ann: showdown on capitol hill over planned parenthood and your money. >> what i don't like, what i don't want to tolerate, what i don't want to become numb to, is wasting those taxpayer dollars. patti ann: the chairman of the house oversight committee want to know where that money is going. jason chaffetz will join us live. bill: a greenberg rate kicked out of the army for protecting a young boy being abused by the afghan soldier. says the army is wrong. we'll talk to a lawmaker who agrees. patti ann: intense manhunt underway for convicted felon who got out of prison after someone made a huge mistake. >> it is not his fault. it is not his fault he got released. you told him he was no longer your property. you bonded out. now you're hunting him down like a dog. like he escaped from prison or
7:10 am
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7:14 am
let him go. >> there is really no mechanism other than getting paperwork from the the court or whoever, let us know this person is wanted and has another conviction. there is probably better way to do it but we'll be looking at that. bill: an arrest warrant is issued for johnson. if you have information about his whereabouts, you're told to call the baton rouge police department. patti ann: the green beret kicked out of the army for beating an afghan soldier who he claims raped a young boy is telling his side of the story. sergeant first class charles martland is under a gag order from the pentagon. he writes in a statement, kicking me out of the army is morally wrong and the government knows it. thank you for being with us. sergeant martland says this boy was tied to a post in the home of a afghan police commander, for two weeks was raped and
7:15 am
beaten. martland said the boy told him this. the mother confirmed it. local afghan police commanders from other villagers come firmed it. why not report to the military and demand action that way? >> because the military way was okay with it. they see pedophilia and child rape in afghanistan, this is the u.s. military and leadership running the u.s. military sees child rape as afghan criminal cultural issue is absolutely absurd. this charles martland, this is a bad dude. this is the kind of guy we want out protecting us doing bad things to bad people, truly. this guy is a great guy who did the right thing. there is a total lack of morality and there is cowardice want military ranks right now, these are, of what he is best at and what the american people want charles martland to be doing. emblematic of much larger issue. patti ann: sergeant martland says the army was aware of these
7:16 am
types of abuses. in fact others in the military have said this is part of their culture. martland said there was understanding that the u.s. military does not get involved because it would undermined the authority of the local bost -- government. meanwhile government officials laugh it off. the mother tried to stop it. another afghan official beat her up. that is why he took matters intos his own hand. the pentagon is responding to with a statement, that said we never had a policy in place to have any military member ignore human rights abuse. >> that is lawyer speak. those are lawyers at the department of defense trying to cover their own tails. that is all it is. to think we'll send american military personnel with the principles we have in this country overseas and allow child rape on u.s. bases? this is one of the stupidest things i ever heard the department of defense do. they need to back off and keep martland in the military. >> the military says it can't condone vigilante justice.
7:17 am
it would send the wrong message to allow our military to beat afghan police accused of wrongdoing. he has been discharged. he lost his appeal. you understand, introduced a resolution to reinstate him. what is the status of that? >> vern buchanan, congressman from florida and i introduced this. we're trying to do anything we can. we have a whole lot of support here. a lot smatter people in congress somehow than you have in the u.s. military on this issue. patti ann: is there any way to resolve this human rights issue with afghanistan? >> yeah. you simply make it, number one, you don't have pedophilia and child rape on u.s. bases. how about that? i don't think that's too complicated. so start with that. in terms of their cultural issue with this, there is no way to stop them from doing what they're doing. we're talking about u.s. bases here, paid with u.s. tax dollars, manned by american personnel. that is the very least, the department of defense could do on this. patti ann: all right.
7:18 am
so what is the timeline here for a resolution of this matter? >> i actually don't know. things are kind of chaotic here right now with all that is going on. patti ann: we'll have to wait and see. keep us posted, congressman duncan hunter. thanks for joining us. >> thanks. bill: we're learning more about the next release of hillary clinton's emails. a new batch, thousands of them looking further back in time before benghazi and before the ouster of moammar qaddafi. what will they tell us, next. patti ann: would you like some wednesday morning buzz. angry swarm of bees, trapping a deputy in his car. we'll see what set them off. ♪
7:19 am
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patti ann: how do you corral a swarm of bees turned loose after a wreck? very, very carefully. this semi-truck carrying honeybees related over on interstate 35 just south of oklahoma city releasing millions of bees from the crates. officers and beekeepers collected as many of them as they could before setting hives on fire. one sheriff's deputy rolled up to the scene. this is what greeted him. he couldn't get out of the patrol car. he shot video as the swarm surrounded his vehicle trapping him inside. that is a shame. bill: fox news alert. new details in hillary clinton email scandal. word the next release of emails will focus on time leading up to the ouster of libyan dictator moammar qaddafi, ahead of the deadly attack on our consulate in benghazi. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge live in washington. what are we learning coming up next. >> reporter: a source says expect high, record number of
7:23 am
emails today's release. they will lead up to the month before the ouster of libyan dictator qadaffi. the emails will span 2010 to early 2011. as fox news was first to report, mrs. clinton discussed negotiations to establish no-fly zone over libya on her personal email account. a congressional source tells fox news not another coincidence another 1000 documents were freed up to the select committee after state department lawyer, catherine duvall connected to the irs lois lerner email scandal as well as the law firm representing mrs. clinton left the state department. >> they gave us on friday over one thousand pages of her emails they had never before given us. in fact it was a larger amount of emails that they gave us friday than what they gave us earlier in the year when they claimed to give us everything. >> reporter: duvall's job at the state department got new scrutiny after recent fox news report that classification
7:24 am
markings on some of the emails had been changed in her office so neither congress or the public could ultimately see them, bill. bill: what are you learning about the fbi investigation? >> reporter: this is very significant development. congressional source confirms to fox news that fbi director james comey has been briefing lawmakers and confirmed to them that the bureau is being a tiffly investigating whether mrs. clinton's server was breached by foreign entity. so far they have no evidence to indicate that it happened. the source said comey confirmed, he had top people on the investigation and asked if the investigation would conclude before the end of the year? comey said he quote, understood the sense of urgency coming before the beginning of the election cycle next year. comey reassured them that the investigation would be impartial and not impacted by politics reminding them that he serves a 10-year fixed term, bill. bill: catherine herridge. thank you. more discernly. >> reporter: you're welcome. patti ann: a huge snub for hillary clinton. a powerful union that usually backs democrats now
7:25 am
intentionally withholding its support from clinton and looking to possibly back donald trump instead. bill: congressman jason chaffetz here live to talk about the fiery faceoff with the head of planned parenthood during a marathon hearing. >> the outrageous accusations leveled against planned parenthood based on heavily-doctored videos, are offensive and categorically untrue. ♪ (woman) one year ago today mom started searching for her words.
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7:28 am
bill: there is a vote happening over funding of federal government. if it happens, simple majority needed, if it happens. government funded through mid-december. we'll see what the senate does. if it passes goes over to the house later this afternoon. october 1 is tomorrow. that is the deadline. we'll see which way it goes from capitol hill now. ♪ patti ann: presidential candidate ohio governor john kasich, working to take advantage of scott walker's exit by refocusing his efforts in
7:29 am
iowa where kasich's poll numbers have been low. according to the latest "real clear politics" average in that state, case i can is near the bottom with just under 3%. but he is hoping to change that, starting with town hall later today. chief political correspondent carl cameron joins us live from davenport, iowa. carl, organization one of the keys to doing well in iowa. can says sick combat that? >> -- kasich. >> not yet. he has opportunity he believes, number of candidates who have been spending a lot of time, money organizational effort in iowa in absence of walker and rick perry. this week we're seeing a whole new rush of candidates who spent little time in iowa coming out here and john kasich today will be one of them. for him the former, the current governor of ohio, excuse me, coming to iowa gives him an opportunity to talk about his midwestern roots, sensibilities and politics.
7:30 am
ohio obviously a very, very important battleground state in the general election for republicans. where he won re-election as governor with 30% margin just a couple years ago. and so coming to iowa he gets to talk about being midwesterner. that helps him in the upcoming primary state of michigan which follows iowa, new hampshire, south carolina by couple weeks. it will give him the opportunity to talk his history and his record. he does not have an organization here of consequence. he only has a couple of staffers. it takes many, many ground troops. there are 99 counties and over 1500 precinct in the iowa caucuses. a winning vote number could be as few as 30,000 total for first-in-the-nation republican caucuses. any candidate can compete. it takes a lot of time. kasich is coming to the game late in belief there separating. for must-win state, for kasich it is new hampshire, when they begin to expand their own campaign battlefield one of two reasons. one they might be losing ground in their must-win state.
7:31 am
in the case of new hampshire kasich remains fairly strong. or they think there is an opportunity to grow. kasich will make an effort. we'll see how long it lasts whether or not he will get traction. it is difficult to organize as late as he gets here. most of the rest of the folks, can diets like bobby jindal. rick santorum, mike huckabee, have been campaigning since 2007, more recent cases all year long. kasich has catching up to do. patti ann: we'll see if he can do it. carl cameron, live in iowa. bill: seasons are changing there. carl waring a jacket. grueling five hour hearing on planned parenthood focusing heavily on how your taxpayer dollars are spent. after series of under cover videos showing planned parenthood executives appearing to haggle over feet tall body parts -- fetal body parts. arguing that there are better places to spent federal funds. >> does planned parenthood really need federal subsidy? every time we spend a federal
7:32 am
dollar, what we're doing we're pulling somebody money out of somebody's pocket and giving it to somebody else. what i don't like, what i don't want to tolerate, what i don't want to become numb to, is wasting those taxpayer dollars. bill: well, utah congressman jason chaffetz, now live. chairman of the house overnight government reform committee. holding the hearing, chairing it. welcome back to "america's newsroom." >> good morning, bill. bill: what do you think you accomplished? >> i want the american to know the revenues of planned parenthood were $127 million more than their expenses. when we go to budget battles should we give taxpayer dollars to planned parenthood, they don't need the money. they are flush with cash. they are flush with cash, they're sending it overseas. spending it on political activities. they're spending it on first class air fare, on private planes and chartered planes. they obviously don't need
7:33 am
federal taxpayer dollars. bill: what then is the end game, congressman? >> well, i think the american public needs to know that these fun are often going to this non-profit, are going to the very political campaigns to fet out the vote. they're using shared services. using shared personnel. they're using same offices. there is, there are packs involved. all this money is going to the democrats. why should federal taxpayer pay for that. bill: i get your point. even if you strip your money out of the budget, the president would veto that, would he not. >> let's have the discussion. i happen to think there are other things we could do for women's health that would be much more effective. there are 13,000 community health centers would love this money instead of just less than 700 planned parenthood organizations. why should we get one so involved in politics? essentially, bill, planned parenthood is the new acorn. that is who they are. remember when we talked about
7:34 am
acorn? that is plannr as i can see it. and why should we, the taxpayers, have to fund the democratic machine that's out there the in countryside? we shouldn't have to do that. bill: she came ready to defend her organization, cecile richards did. congresswoman maloney had few choice words for you when you asked about how much money richards was paid. here is how that went, watch. >> i first would like to register my, my opposition and my objection to the chairman beating up on a woman, on our witness today, for making a good salary. in entire time i've been in congress, i have never seen a witness beaten up and questioned about their salary. i find it totally inappropriate and discriminatory. bill: suggestion there you're sexist. with that line of questioning. >> i don't care her gender.
7:35 am
i care about a non-profit organization supposed to be providing health care to women and she is taking nearly $600,000 in compensation and, i think that is worthy of understanding. when she first started there, she was making $250,000 less than she is making now. so, you know, she is making an exorbitant salary. about 150% of what the president of the united states makes. why do the taxpayers need to subsidize that? they are very good at raising private money. we don't, the taxpayers need to pay a 600,000-dollar tab for a non-profit organization. that is excessive. bill: one more question. they will paint you as anti-women. they will put this in the category of war against women. they will say you're against women's health care. how do you avoid that? >> i started the hearing talking about what my wife does, when she goes to works with the plastic surgeon and, working on
7:36 am
breast reconstruction for cancer patients. i lost my mom to cancer. i lost my dad to cancer. i don't need a lecture from democrats, this holier than thou attitude somehow republican don't care about women. i care very deeply about that i happen to think we should quadruple the spending on cancer. if i could take this money, rather than paying for first class air fare and exorbitant salaries, i want to fight cancer this killed my parents. let's quadruple that. i'm as fiscally conservative as you can get, let's quad dupe pell the money and fight the war on cancer. that is what we should doing. bill: senate easily passing continuing resolution to fund the government, to keep it operating to mid-december if not beyond. that is vote that comes to the house vote later today. in light of our discussion here how does it go on house side? >> it probably passes, jason chaffetz, myself i vote against that. we have a debt crisis in this
7:37 am
country. i hate doing these continuing resolutions. if you're growing to continue to pour money into organization like planned parenthood that doesn't need it, nice like me will vote no. bill: you vote no. who else does? does it pass? >> i think it does pass. i think government continues on but, you know, each member will have to answer that question themselves. bill: jason chaffetz. thanks for your time. we'll watch the house vote later this afternoon when that happens. thank you, sir. we're coming back today. ♪ patti ann: not exactly what you want to see in the middle of a drought. a sheered fire hydrant, getting a geyser, causing a geyser in los angeles. officials say the water was gushing 20 feet into the air. with california in the fourth year of an historic drought, there is no water to spare. within minutes firefighters, rushed to the scene and were able to stop that flow. wow, something else. patti ann: that's high. bill: that is a fountain, right?
7:38 am
big time snub for hillary clinton. teamsters not ready to throw their support behind the democratic frontrunner. who they want to talk to first may surprise you. patti ann: a touching reunion nearly four decades in the making. here is your karma for the day. >> what a beautiful gift she's given me all this time later. how many nurses get this to happen to them in their career. and fires up free wi-fi, with a network that's now up to 5 times faster than before you know what he can do? let's see if he's ready. he can swim with the sharks! book your next stay at!
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i wi want to smell the wayell champagne tastes.ney. i love champagne. infuse your laundry with... ...up to 12 weeks of luxurious long-lasting scents... ...unstopables in wash scent booster. patti ann: fox news alert. israeli war striking back in gaza strip in realtation for arrackket fired into southern israel. damaging four so-called training sites in the palestinian territory. israel's aerial defense system stopped rocket midair and no injuries were reported. hamas has not claimed
7:42 am
responsibility for this rocket attack. bill: emotional reunion 40 years in the making. woman reuniting with a nurse who helped care for her burn injuries during as an infant. amanda was severely burned by steam vaporizer in upstate new york while she was a baby. the former patient sought out the nurse to thank her for being such a caring human being. >> i felt like i'm hugging, a family member or close family member. it was just as an infant. i think i was butter in her arms. when i hugged her i just melted. bill: the nurse, sue burger, never forget the baby in the picture. also held on to a copy of a picture of the two of them. patti ann: yeah. bill: cool stuff. full circle. well-done. nice. patti ann: that photo was really moving. oh, boy. wow. a major snub for hillary clinton. the teamsters union board voting
7:43 am
unanimously to withhold its endorsement in the presidential race for now. first they want to hear from republican candidate donald trump among other things. american workers they said, relate more to trump's message. >> they believe in making america great again. they want somebody who is going to say, i'm going to bring back those jobs from china, and russia and mexico. i will make american companies hire americans and bring those jobs back. patti ann: all right, joining us ed rollins, campaign manager for ronald reagan in 1984. joe trippi, howard dean's campaign manager in 2004. both are fox news contributors. thanks for joining us. the vote was unanimous. 26 members of the teamsters executive board. union sources told our own james rosen, one of the reasons was it was specifically meant as intentional snub of hillary clinton announcing last week she will not support the keystone pipeline. how significant, joe, is this. >> this is a smart move by the
7:44 am
teamsters. they traditionally have been on, been a union that endorsed both republicans and democrats. there is a whole time where they endorsed nixon. as ed knows, they endorsed reagan both times and george herbert walker bush. but look, it is a three-for. they get to push back on hillary clinton for her keystone pipeline announcement. they get to meet trump, by the way a lot of their members will be attracted, and are attracted to, some of the ones i have talked to. third they can sit back to wait a little bit to see whether joe biden enters the race or not. i think it makes tremendous amount of sense for team stories to do this, for their own politics and members as they try to make this decision. patti ann: ed rollins, joe ran through three reasons cited to james rosen. the second one being they want to sit down with donald trump. teamsters president, james p hoffa, earlier this year commented that the union would
7:45 am
have no problem supporting a republican of the as joe noted they supported nixon, reagan, george h.w. bush. let's hear the comment he made on fox earlier this year. >> does that mean the teamsters will now be supporting republicans? >> it doesn't mean that the at all. we have positions that favor our members. we're worried about our members, not politics. patti ann: ed, how would deem sisters endorsement affect the whole political landscape? >> trump doesn't need their money but can use their resources and manpower with i is tremendous. as joe said, they endorsed reagan in 1980 and 1984. had significant assist to that campaign. endorsed other republicans. they're significant and smart political organization. mr. hoffa has basically taken them back to the democratic party. i assume they will be back there. they slapped hillary for the keystone. labor unions were supportive of keystone pipelines. she came out last week and
7:46 am
basically said no. that basically affects creation of jobs. that is a smack at her. i think joe biden has good relationships. if he gets in the race he certainly will be contender. i think they wait a while. their endorsement is not critical but important. patti ann: they did say they're waiting to see if vice president biden enters the race. he is known as prounion. joe, what impact would that have? >> well, it is still, i'm not sure who they would endorse. i think they may, they will take a real look at trump. i think what hoffa said in the clip was right, they're much more want to be, in step with their membership. i agree with ed. look, they bring a lot of organization ability. trump could really benefit from that. as could joe biden because he is start so late. on the other hand they're pragmatic and could decide in the end they would be with hillary clinton. i suspect maybe where this ends up but we'll see. patti ann: ed, hillary clinton,
7:47 am
just not getting support from some groups that were sort of assumed would be in her camp. how is other campaign doing? >> i don't think it is doing very well. i think she has really stumbled since the beginning of her campaign. i expect it to get righted sooner or later. to a certain extent she is bogged down in the email controversy. the mere fact her husband this early had to come to her rescue to certain extent is detriment to her. patti ann: let's talk about that actually. bill clinton went on cnn yesterday to defend his wife against attacks from donald trump. he had been on the network on monday, the day before. also defending her against her many critics. bill clinton saying trump is running a fact-free campaign. joe, was his defense of his wife effective? >> i think this is a, one of those situations only donald trump is able to create over and over and over again, getting into these win-win fights. it helps him that bill clinton
7:48 am
is taking him on. and frankly, it probably helps hillary clinton a little bit that donald trump is firing at her. so, again, i don't know whether trump scored anything on, expense the clintons but i think he is benefits from the fight as he has with several other fights that he has created during the primary season. >> it is a little early for him to be jumping into this thing. one of the things she has to do is be very significant candidate. he is not on the ballot. the idea you get two for one is not acceptable to most people. he has to be careful, former president clinton to not overshadow her. he is tremendous campaigner. patti ann: he does say he planning on doing some more of this type of thing, talking on her behalf. we'll see what happens. joe trippi, ed rollins. bill: jon scott coming up next on "happening now." good day to you. what's happening? >> levin minutes away, bill.
7:49 am
a big deadline for presidential hopefuls today as third quarter fund-raising period comes to an end. who is raking in the cash. plus a man charged with murdering two virginia college students faces sentencing in another assault case this week. there is new information about jesse matthews up bringing having friend and family asking the judge for leniency. >> no it was 60 years ago today james dean was killed in a horrible car crash. a mystery man has info that could lead to finding the wrecked porsche that mysteriously disappeared, the one in which the movie store died. bill: we'll see you jon, at top of the hour. volkswagen confesses to cheating. what is all that about. plus give this man a glove orshield or something. three times is not a charm. wait till you see this. whoa. ♪
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patti ann: skydiving is impressive enough. but how about putting on a cool show while you're at it? 200 skydivers from all over the world creating the largest sequential formation ever breaking a world record. they formed a star burst shape while in free fall, 20,000 feet above the ground. that is multitasking. bill: telling you. volkswagen confessing to installing software to help its diesel cars cheat on emission testing. dr. marc siegel, looking into this. fox news medical a-team has more. doctor, good morning. what can you tell us about these pollutants? >> bill, since 2009, volkswagen has deliberately evaded federal emission requirements in nearly half a million diesel cars in the u.s. and 11 million around
7:54 am
the world by installing what is called a defeat device. each car releases tons of extra pollutants per year containing nitrogen oxides which are harmful to human health. >> the excess emissions that came from volkswagen cars are going to lead to a certain number of excess deaths in the united states, and to cases of disease as, asthma in children, heart disease, stroke, lung cancer in adults. nobody has got an exact idea how many cases are going to result but credible estimates say somewhere between 40 and 100 excess deaths per year. >> exposure could be separated into short and long-term effect the get this, bill. short term, irritation of eyes, throat and lungs. lightheadedness. fatigue, coughing, allergy and asthma attacks. if that isn't enough, long term, chronic cough, chest pain, wheezing poor lung function, emphysema, heart disease and lung cancer.
7:55 am
bill, children and elderly are most susceptible. bill: what is the epa going to do about it, doc. >> environmental protection agency plans to overhaul procedures for testing diesel engines. some experts say they need to step it up. >> we need more enforcement and the cop is on the beat making sure everybody is playing by the rules. not only are owners of these vehicles are disadvantaged or defrauded but breathers are and american public. >> u.s. lawmakers have now asked volkswagen to produce all documents that demonstrate failure to comply with standards. hope they do. in the meantime for those exposed to the toxic chemicals, dr. landirgan says be on the lookout for worsening hard or long disease. then contact your doctor. bill: that is why we called you, dr. marc siegel in new york. patti ann. patti ann: russia stepping up action in syria and telling the u.s. to stay out of it. how will all of this unfold? [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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vladimer putin. welcome to "happening now." i am jenna lee. >> and i am jon scott. we have fox team coverage on the military action. conner powell is in afghanistan but first, jennifer griffin live from the pentagon with details on syria. >> reporter: a senior military source described


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